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Home Air Conditioning

With so many air conditioning models and sizes in the market it is easy to make a costly mistake.Enterprise Air provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ll listen to your needs and then provide you with the best possible system to get the conditioned comfort you want at a price that suits your budget whether it's a simple wall split to a zoned ducted system .

Air Purification

Do you sometimes struggle to get a good night’s sleep? Conditions such as Asthma and hay fever can be aggravated by bacteria, airborne particles, allergens and pollen. A Daikin air purifier or US7 air conditioning system helps eliminate these from the air and removes unpleasant odours. The Daikin’s 6 layer powerful decomposition and removal system you can enjoy the advanced technology and ultra-quite operation and of course beautifully purified air in your home. The US7 range of air conditioners not only purify your air they control temperture and humidity while having self cleaning filters plus are the most energy efficent systems on the market today.

There’s an air conditioner for every home.

Whether you’re air conditioning a small or large area, building a new home or renovating, Daikin’s comprehensive range of air conditioners can provide you with the perfect solution for your home. Split systems, Multi split systems or even ducted air conditioning, Enterprise Air can tailor a system to your home.

Typical Multi split and Ducted Air Conditioner System Setup


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