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Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin History

Founded in 1969, Daikin Australia has been providing air conditioned comfort for homes, commercial developments and community projects across Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years. As a world leader in air conditioning technology and Japan's largest air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin has invested billions of dollars in research and development in the fields of mechanics, electronics and chemistry over the years.

Here are some of Daikin’s mile stones:

  • 1969 Established as Clark Daikin Pty Ltd, selling water-cooled packaged air conditioners
  • 1979 Began importing and selling cool-only single split type air conditioners
  • 1980 Clark Daikin Pty Ltd changed name to Daikin Australia Pty Limited
  • 1983 Completion of office and warehouse complex in Sydney
  • 1989 Began construction of office and warehouse complex in Brisbane. Celebrated 20 years of Daikin in Australia
  • 1990 Brisbane office and warehouse opened
  • 1993 Commenced operations in Auckland, New Zealand. Opened a Daikin branch in South Australia
  • 1994 Celebrated twenty five years of Daikin in Australia
  • 1997 Launched Daikin inverter wall split air conditioners in Australia
  • 2000 Daikin Australia's first TV advertisement premieres during the Sydney Olympics
  • 2002 Daikin Australia launches the Inverter ducted air conditioning range - an industry first!
  • 2009 Celebrated forty years of Daikin in Australia

Quality Product

Buying an air conditioning system is an investment for the future, so it pays to look beyond the initial purchase price. Whether you’re looking for split, multi-split or ducted air conditioning it’s important to consider ongoing running costs, servicing, parts, and the air conditioner’s operating life. Daikin air conditioners offer superior quality, durability and energy efficiency, so you can climate control your home or business more effectively over the long term.

Market Leader

Daikin is recognised as an expert in air conditioning. As specialists, air conditioning is all they do. As one of Australia’s most trusted names in air conditioning, Daikin can be found in homes, offices, hotels and shops across Australia and around the world. Their commitment to quality can be seen in their investment in research and development, and the establishment of their own world-class Australian manufacturing facility.

Daikin Air Conditioner in Living Room